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"Dighomi Palace" (Block A) is a new residential complex, implementation of which was begun in July 2011 by the "Archi Group". We boldly declare that the building will be special and most outstanding of all Didi Digomi living houses, because it stands out not only for its architecture, but as well as the quality of materials used, for  the exterior and the quality of the arrangement of the common use areas.

The project  is located in the central part of Didi Dighomi. The territory is distinguished with the calmness. This is an one-entrance block with 10 storey, The block also has underground parking. The first floor of the building is not provided for the commercial spaces.

A closed-type residential complex is planned to be arranged  on the 7300 sq. m land area which is owned by the company. The complex will have  5 residential blocks. In addition, there will be built an  administrative building that will serve the complex. There also will be a kindergarten, sport hall and swimming pool. A Block is the first phase of the project .

The construction is going at a rapid pace and white-framed building will be handed in December 2012.  "Archi Group"  started the B block in July 2012 and will finish in October 2013.


Building Specifications

Apartment Specifications

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